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Khadija Jajue


An Afro Brazilian vocalist born in London. Half Gambian and half Brazilian, her smooth yet powerful vocals landed her a spot on The Voice UK 2019 performing on Team Will.I.Am. “The Voice 2019 star from London” also described as a “Singing sensation” by Kathy Giddins –  The Sun Newspaper.

Since then Khadija has performed at a number of venues including, The 100 Club, Blue Note Sao Paulo and a variety of headline shows overseas. She continues to culminate her unique sound with the influences of Trip Hop, Soul, Pop and MPB, singing in a mixture English and Portuguese. Creating an unforgettable musical experience, “Sweet vocals blended with powerful arrangements” – acesso cultural – MTV Brasil

“Her silken tones make her a red hot vocalist to look out for” – Delimusic.


Debuting her first single, “Uma Vida Inteira Em Um Dia” (A whole lifetime in a day) delves into overcoming obstacles, highlighting the feeling of working towards something your whole life for that one moment. Dedicated to MMA athlete Rogério Minotouro, who walked into his farewell fight with this track, retiring after his 19 year career in MMA. Khadija “not only speaks about my journey but a journey of a fighter, man I want to walk in with this song” – Rogerio Minotouro.

“Uma Vida Inteira Em Um Dia” celebrates the fight for your dreams whilst spotlighting the beauty of watching your hard work come to fruition.

“… today I heard it a lot and I understood it right away. The music is great, her voice is sensational, Aline cried when she heard it, the beat is also very strong, at high volume this beat must be fantastic with her voice ”. Rogério Minotouro

Uma Vida Inteira Em Um Dia


“Uma Vida Inteira Em Um Dia” is out now! Click below to listen the track!


Khadija VS Emmanuel Smith – ‘Fallin’ | The Battles | The Voice UK 2019

Khadija’s ‘Underwater Love’ | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2019

KJ – Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo (feat. Sandra Felix)


Khadija performs in Fortaleza


Khadija, featured in The Voice UK, performs in São Paulo

Khadija Jajue – The British singer is one of The Voice UK’s talents

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Khadija in the media!

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Khadija’s ‘Underwater Love’ | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2019

Check out my blind audition on The Voice UK with the song Underwater Love!


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