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Khadija Jajue


Khadija VS Emmanuel Smith – ‘Fallin’ | The Battles | The Voice UK 2019

Khadija’s ‘Underwater Love’ | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2019

KJ – Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo (feat. Sandra Felix)


My name is KJ, I am an Afro Brazilian female born in London. My mum is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and my dad is from Gambia in Africa. I began singing since I could remember, I always enjoyed putting on mini shows for my mum and brother when I was younger. But I used to be very shy when it came to singing to other people, in fact my mum would sing with me at some shows until I became confident enough. At the age of 7 I performed to a big audience for the first time at The Catford Broadway Theatre, singing Whitney Houston’s song “I Have Nothing”. I have been singing and performing ever since. Brazil’s vibrant culture and beautiful music has always been a part of my life and a part of me, from Samba to Bossa Nova I have always adored the artistry behind the music.

Musicians like Tom Jobim, Alcione, Emcida, Vanessa De Mata and Daniela Mercury are all so dynamic and have influenced me as an artist. I grew up listening to a wide range of musicians because of the diversity of my parents, from Daniela Mercury to Youssou N’dour. I have been influenced by many artists, from amazing icons like Etta James, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin with their powerful, emotive voices to Sade smooth’s vocals and Lana Del Rey’s haunting delivery of each word within her songs. I’m also influenced The Foo Fighters, in particularly Dave Grohl. I am truly inspired by his raw passion for playing and creating music and the way he gives 110% at every live performance.

Creating a connection with someone through music is a very powerful thing and it’s something I always aim to achieve, as music is all about interpretation. I want to bring people together with my music, I want you to enjoy, laugh or cry, it doesn’t matter. I want to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to believe that they can achieve their dreams! Just go for it and enjoy the journey, it may not always be easy but it will definitely be worth it.


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Khadija’s ‘Underwater Love’ | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2019

Check out my blind audition on The Voice UK with the song Underwater Love!


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